About Us

Established in 2003, Wildcard Software Limited is a dynamic, fast-moving company focused on operational business systems. We operate in over 30 markets, with our systems translated in to 9 different languages. We limit our product offering and focus on depth in our target markets. Presently we have three systems: Printlogic, ArctechPro and BIS PLatform

We have over 9 years experience and employ a highly motivated, long-standing workforce with technical, print and insurance backgrounds, enabling us to build strong relationships and react quickly to customers’ needs. Wildcard is now represented directly within Ireland the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Europe with a customer base of over 4000 clients all taken care of from our offices in Dublin.

Printlogic offers the user everything any print company requires to print manage their business from estimating, outsourcing, producing job sheets, delivery dockets, stock control, accounts, management reports, marketing, diary system.

With Printlogic you don’t invest large amounts, but we treat you like you have.

We provide you access to the full system, customize it to suit your requirements, import your information onto the system and train you and your staff. We believe in our system so much that we are confident to provide you this service with no contract. So it’s in our interest to ensure you remain as happy with the system as we are.

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